With us your boat is in the best hands

Boat transport

Our commitment

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    Your boat is in safe hands with us, as the transport of sensitive goods is one of our core competencies.
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    Our employees are trustworthy, committed and experienced.
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    We strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with our work.

Our service

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    We advise you in all questions about boat transport.
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    We organize the collection of your boat at your location up to the unloading at the desired port in the Balearic Islands or vice versa.
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    In our secure and monitored warehouse we have enough space for your boat or yacht.

With us your boat is in the best hands

We build on competence, practice and experience. By focusing on the needs of our customers, we create added value that goes far beyond transport and storage services.

Transporting a boat is a challenge. However, thanks to our expertise, we can guarantee a smooth process and transport your boat safely to the Balearic Islands or from the Balearic Islands to Germany.

Your boat is insured under CMR law during transport, i.e. with 8.33 special drawing rights (ZSR) per gross weight, currently approx. 10.00 EUR per KG. Additional insurance with 100% coverage can be taken out with us at an affordable price. Just ask us!

We have enough space in our warehouse in Mallorca if your boat is to be stored for the winter.

Just contact us and we will plan and organize the transfer or storage of your boat. Our team of experienced and motivated specialists is at your side for the organization and planning of your transport.


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    +34 871 03 25 42

    +49 2405 46 43 330

    Opening hours

    Monday to Friday

    8 am to 5 pm

    How does a boat transport work?

    1. Prepare the boat for transport

    We recommend planning the transport as far in advance as possible.

    The following steps should be followed:

    • Check the inside and outside of your boat for damage and let us know.
    • Remove all valuables as they are not insured.
    • Pump up dirty water and other liquids.
    • Also empty the garbage and water container
    • Remove most of the fuel.
    • Disconnect the battery and stow all battery cables.
    • Store life jackets and other loose objects in the compartments and secure all doors.

    2. The loading

    The maximum dimensions for boat transport with our trucks are:

    13 meters long x 2.4 meters wide x 2.50 meters high

    The following steps must be observed:

    • Get the boat out of the water and organize the loading.
    • Boats are loaded onto trailers via a ramp.
    • Boats without trailers are loaded with a crane. The boat is supported and lashed with wooden trestles.

    The organization of the loading in Mallorca can be done easily by us. The organization in Germany is taken over by the customer.

    2. The discharge

    Your boat can be unloaded either at the desired port of destination or for the winter in our warehouse.

    Storage takes place in our warehouse in Mallorca. Your watercraft can be parked safely and dry in our secured and monitored warehouse. A property insurance for the duration of the storage can easily be taken out through us. Just talk to us.

    We can organize the unloading at any port in Mallorca. The customer is responsible for organizing the unloading in Germany.

    • A ramp is used to unload a boat on a trailer in Germany.
    • A boat is unloaded without a trailer using a crane.